Client Testimonial: Service Standards Increasing The Bottom Line

Service Standards Increasing The Bottom Line
“Catamount Career Development worked hand in hand with us until we developed a measurement tool that would provide the information the bank needed to enhance our customer service. The result is measurable data that pinpoints for management and the board where our strengths lie and where improvement is needed. We’ve already seen an increase in customer satisfaction and employee performance and know that on-going mystery shopping data will continue to keep us on track.”
Jeff Coslett, Sr. VP Retail Banking
This was the Issue
A bank’s goal was to increase market share by increasing customer retention and attracting new customers by means of enhancing staff’s adherence to the bank’s service standards. Senior management needed external data to verify their staff training needs.
Here’s what we did

  • Catamount Career Development staff worked with the bank to develop a customized measurement tool to evaluate the bank’s interactions with their customers
  • Provided trained mystery shoppers to conduct normal banking business and report the results of their interactions using the measurement tool
  • Provided the bank – from the board of directors to the individual employee – with quantitative and qualitative data of each customer interaction
  • Coached individual employees and their supervisors on ways to improve their service interactions

Here’s the result

  • The quantitative & qualitative data and feedback provided allowed for targeted training of staff
  • The next round of mystery shopping resulted in a 43% increase in customer satisfaction during telephone interactions
  • Customer satisfaction regarding choice of bank products and services that might meet their banking needs increased by 56% due to the fact that employees were now cross-selling
  • The result for the bank overall is an increase in customer satisfaction & retention, an increase in employee morale & performance, and a positive impact on the bottom line