Client Testimonials: Change Management Process in a Medical Setting

Change Management Process in a Medical Setting
“Using the change management process with a medial CQI team allowed us to look at a problem from a lot of viewpoints with a lot of unbiased input to arrive at the best possible solution. Mary is a skilled facilitator who was able to get the whole team to contribute and listen to each other in a trust-building environment. The fact that she doesn’t have a medical background only enhanced her ability to be the neutral facilitator we needed and helped us bond as a strong team.”
Jim Heal, Pharmacist
This was the Issue
A medical center was struggling with a computerized system that allowed the staff to inaccurately enter data beginning with the patient’s registration and ending with the patient’s discharge. The existing software had the potential for allowing poor patient care, lost revenue and legal ramifications.
Here’s what we did

  • Catamount Career Development staff acted as a neutral change-management facilitator for a series of six (6) team meetings
  • Assembled a continuous quality improvement (CQI) team of all departmental stakeholders
    checkmark Identified all aspects of the workflow process: it was essential to objectify the process & the needed positions (not individual staff members & their perceived performance) in order to successfully implement a new efficient process & protocol
    checkmark Added newly identified stakeholders
    checkmark Identified the roadblocks: questioned each step in the existing process for which are and which are not value-adding steps
    checkmark Eliminated non-value-adding steps and enhanced all value-adding steps
    checkmark Devised a new workflow process
    checkmark Tested the new process & evaluated the results
    checkmark Re-tested & re-evaluated
  • Wrote new accountable, results-based protocols

Here’s the result

  • Accurate patient registration process, diagnosis, treatment and discharge helped the patient and their family support members, which led to increased patient satisfaction & decreased complaints
  • Each staff person implementing each step of the process now understands the importance of the level of detailed information required of them to be input into the computer and how their input impacts the next staff person in the process
  • The increased detail of staff documentation at each step in patient care enables accurate billing which increased the center’s revenue stream by $100,000 annually