Mystery Shopper Service, Analysis & Coaching

Mystery Shopper Service, Analysis & CoachingWe work in partnership with you to complement the work that you do with our Mystery Shopper service, analysis & follow-up coaching. We see mystery shopping as one important component of your business’s overall on-going quality improvement program and employee training & supervision. And we operate differently from other services you may have used in the past. The instrument that we use to rate the shopping experience is customized to meet your unique needs.

Mystery Shopping with Catamount Career Development offers the following:

  • Free, pre-shopping meetings with your personnel to develop a customized shopping instrument that fits your particular needs. We work with you until you are satisfied with the instrument that the shoppers will use.
  • We hire local people as mystery shoppers, some of whom are already your customers and some not, so that our shoppers reflect the ordinary people you’d see in your place of business every day.
  • Our shoppers conduct normal transactions (specified by you ahead of time) in a polite, respectful manner.
  • The shoppers then complete a quantitative data sheet for each mystery shop encounter, and in addition, a short narrative of their experience. The combination of qualitative and quantitative data tends to give a complete picture of what was happening at the time of the encounter. Our clients have found that the overall picture is most helpful for the employee and manager/supervisor.
  • We then compile all the data the shoppers collected and generate a report of quantitative (spreadsheet format) & qualitative (narrative format) data that is broken down by Individual, by Location, and your entire Business. An Executive Summary is also produced for your Senior Management Team.
  • We come to you with the final report and meet in person to discuss the findings.
  • We then conduct a respectful 15-minute coaching session coaching session with each of the employees shopped and their manager/supervisor to present the results of the individual and branch/office data.

Here are a couple of stories about how we conduct our service:

Recently, during a post-mystery shop coaching session, an employee said: “I know I’ve been mystery shopped before, but until today I never knew the results, and I find it very useful to know my own results. Thanks for letting me know that the mystery shopper really feels valued when called by their name. With customers I already know, I always use their name; now I’ll try calling all my customers by their name.” Now that’s a motivated, customer-focused employee!
Following the post-mystery shop coaching session, a manager said: “It was really useful to see how the bad shop news was relayed to my employee in such a positive way. It left the employee feeling empowered to improve her performance – not demoralized. The information you provided gave me concrete examples to use with my employees rather than just restating our service standards.”

We’d like to meet with you to discuss the potential of our working together.