Sales Excellence

Sales ExcellenceWhenever you help another make an informed decision, you are using a sales skill. You may or may not think of yourself as a “sales” person or what you are doing as “selling” depending on which area of the economy you are using the skill, but you are definitely using a sales skill.

Sales excellence is found in all sectors of society. An obvious sales situation can be seen in assisting someone to finance or purchase their first home or a new car.

Catamount Career Development can assist you and your team develop and maintain a standard of sales excellence by providing customized consultation, workshops & coaching in the following broad areas:

arrow Sales as a service
arrow Defining sales and the salesperson
arrow When & why people buy
arrow Product knowledge
arrow Selling benefits VS features
arrow Helping the customer make a decision
arrow Asking for the business
arrow Mystery Shopper service, analysis & coaching

Please contact us for a detailed listing of topics we can customize to meet your needs.