Service Excellence

Service ExcellenceExceeding service expectations is based on doing the little and often unexpected things that make all the difference for your customers – and doing them every day.

We know excellent service when we see it: a big smile for a customer no matter what the employee may be feeling at the time; a cheerful welcome & asking how you can help each time an employee comes in contact with a customer, client or patient, even at the end of a long, rough shift; a high-five for a student with severe disabilities who just achieved a milestone task and a congratulatory note to the student’s family members who helped make it a possibility.

Employers who know that the difference between customer service and service excellence shows up in quarterly reports, can rely on Catamount Career Development to help them inspire their employees to achieve and maintain service excellence.

Catamount Career Development provides consultation, customized workshops & coaching in the following broad areas:

arrow Service Excellence Expectations
arrow Communicating Customer Service Excellence
arrow The Internal & External Customer
arrow Branding & Loyalty
arrow Mystery Shopper service, analysis & coaching
arrow Active Listening skills & Effective Communication
arrow Empowerment & Accountability
arrow Mentoring & Motivating
arrow Team building & communication
arrow Handling complaints & difficult customers
arrow How Service Excellence impacts Sales

Please contact us for a detailed listing of topics we can customize to meet your needs.